Greek company “Aktor” charged for laundering 50 million euros for Demir Kapija – Smokvica highway

Athens, 8 June, 2017 - 11:01 (META) 

The European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) has charged the Greek company “Aktor” for fraud and laundering 50 million euros  in connection with the construction of a highway Demir Kapija – Smokvica, reported Greek media outlets “Protothema” and “Kathimerini”.

The case found itself under scrutiny by the public prosecutor after evidence was collected by OLAF.

The Greek construction company in 2012 won the tender for the construction of a 28 km section of the highway and the name “Aktor” became well known in the public domain in 2014, when SDSM made accusations that 3.5 million euros had been withdrawn from Macedonian bank accounts illegally.

SDSM presented documents and argued that Greek citizens through the branch of the Greek company “Aktor” in the country, had withdrawn millions of euros in cash from a branch of “Stopanska Bank – Skopje” in Negotino.

“Protothema” also wrote that some of the staff withdrew monthly salaries of 110,000 euros.

When “Meta” questioned the Public Prosecution for Organized Crime and Corruption two years ago, they stated they were collecting evidence necessary to solve the “Aktor” case.

“Given the complexity of the case, the prosecuting authority will take action to collect evidence necessary to establish the circumstances of the execution of this particular crime”, responded on March 2015, the Prosecutor’s Office.

Two years ago, at the request of the Greek state attorney’s office, Greek financial police arrested the owner of “Aktor”, Leonidas Bobolas, for tax evasion and debt to the state.

Although Chinese deleted them, “Google” still keep pages with amounts for the highways

Skopje, 27 March, 2015 - 16:45 (META) 

Old pages of Chinese company “Sinohidro” which builds highways Kichevo – Ohrid and Miladinovci – Sveti Nikole – Shtip, can still be seen in the cache memory of browser “Google”, although Chinese recently removed original pages with the amounts.

The page “Sinohidro” wrote that the construction of highway Kichevo – Ohrid cost 56 million euros, and on the signing of the agreement, the Government said that the highway will be built for 373 million euros. For highway Miladinovci – Sveti Nikole – Shtip, the site of the Chinese company says that it costs 30 million dollars, and Macedonia knows that the construction of that highway costs 206 million euros.

After the media reported that the site of the company has different amounts for construction of highways than our government presented, the pages can no longer be opened.

These below are the original pages with the amounts stored in the cache memory of “Google”:

Chinese company

Original page for highway Miladinovci – Sveti Nikole – Shtip

Chinese company

Original page for the project for the new highway Kichevo – Ohrid

In addition, the Chinese anti-corruption body to control public companies, in May 2014, announced that Huang Baodong, former vice president of the group “Power Construction Corporation”, abused his position, i.e. that repeatedly took bribes, reports “Nova TV“.

Until last year, Huang Baodong was vice president of business corporation “Power Construction Corporation”, mother company of the company “Sinohidro” – chosen by the Macedonian government to build the two highways.

Also, here you can find instructions on how to find old versions or deleted pages.

Kina1 Kina2

How many millions of euros are the agreements of Janakieski and Gruevski?

Скопје, 26 March, 2015 - 17:27 (META) 

Both controversial agreements that are discussed in recordings which today were announced by opposition leader Zoran Zaev, concerning construction of highways Miladinovci – Sveti Nikole – Shtip and Kichevo – Ohrid.

In one of the talks, Minister Mile Janakieski and unknown interlocutor discuss prognosis of State Roads Agency for the cost of construction of the highway. The interlocutor said that, according to their calculations, it turns out that the construction of the highway Kichevo – Ohrid will cost 267 million euros.

Agreement for highway Kichevo-Ohrid

Agreements were signed with the company “Sinohidro Corporation”. The first agreement for construction of highway Miladinovci – Sveti Nikole – Shtip was signed on 206 million euros, while the second, to build the section Kichevo – Ohrid, is 374 million euros.

Agreement for highway Miladinovci-Shtip

The money for these contracts is provided through a loan from EXIM Bank, i.e. 90 percent through loans from EXIM Bank and 10 percent from the state budget provided by the Public Enterprise for State Roads.

For this financial project, worth 580 million euros, there is no tender, but the decision is made by passing a law in the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia.