Starting from today, the Public Enterprise for State Roads has put into use the electronic collection of road tolls at the Miladinovci station. For a start, only the electronic cards “M-kart” will be used and the payment with m-tag has yet to be put into use.

By implementing the system of at the Miladinovski toll plazas the drivers who will be driving from Skopje to Kumanovo and Skopje- Shtip can use the electronic payment. It is a system that was already introduced at the toll plazas in the Corridor 10, including the Romanovce toll plaza near Kumanovo.

By starting the electronic collection at the Miladinovci toll plaza, the Public Enterprise has started with the realization of the second loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the building of three new toll plazas along the highways Kichevo Ohrid and Miladinovci – Shtip and for the introduction of electronic payment at five plazas along Corridor 8. The project will be implemented in the next 12 months and for this purpose 13, 7 million euros will be invested.