Both controversial agreements that are discussed in recordings which today were announced by opposition leader Zoran Zaev, concerning construction of highways Miladinovci – Sveti Nikole – Shtip and Kichevo – Ohrid.

In one of the talks, Minister Mile Janakieski and unknown interlocutor discuss prognosis of State Roads Agency for the cost of construction of the highway. The interlocutor said that, according to their calculations, it turns out that the construction of the highway Kichevo – Ohrid will cost 267 million euros.

Agreement for highway Kichevo-Ohrid

Agreements were signed with the company “Sinohidro Corporation”. The first agreement for construction of highway Miladinovci – Sveti Nikole – Shtip was signed on 206 million euros, while the second, to build the section Kichevo – Ohrid, is 374 million euros.

Agreement for highway Miladinovci-Shtip

The money for these contracts is provided through a loan from EXIM Bank, i.e. 90 percent through loans from EXIM Bank and 10 percent from the state budget provided by the Public Enterprise for State Roads.

For this financial project, worth 580 million euros, there is no tender, but the decision is made by passing a law in the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia.