On Monday Zijadin Sela will appear in public since the attack

Tetovo, 19 May, 2017 - 11:10 (META) 

The president of the Movement for Reform (DR-DPA), Zijadin Sela, will appear in public for the first time after the attack in the Parliament building on April the 27th, where he was brutally beaten, and will be holding a press conference on Monday, reported a spokesperson from DR-DPA, Arben Taravari on his Facebook profile.

“The DR-DPA is pleased to inform the public that on Monday, at 13:00, at the headquarters in Tetovo, our president Zijadin Sela will be holding a press conference. This will be the first press conference since the attack on April the 27th, where our leader, Sela, was seriously injured, however, Albanians were not influenced by anger towards the criminals nor friends of the Albanian people. With joy, I announce that Mr Zijadin Sela will return to Tetovo on Monday”, wrote Taravari.