Živaljević: I was granted an approval to enter the Parliament by President Ivanov’s advisor


The security advisor at the embassy of Serbia in Macedonia and a member of the Security Intelligence Agency (BIA), Goran Živaljević, this evening has stated that his presence at the Parliament on the 27th of April was neither clandestine nor hideous but that he was given an approval by President Gjorge Ivanov’s advisor, informs Serbian agency “Tanjug.”

-My mission was neither clandestine or hostile and on top of it the Macedonian agencies were aware of my presence – said Živaljević for Tanjug.

He also said that for his presence at the Parliament he was granted an approval by the President’s Security Advisor, Sinisha Aleksovski.”

-That man knew the reason why I was there and he was informed about that. my mission wasn’t clandestine and wasn’t threatening towards Macedonia’s security, and in the context of the cooperation, we have with Macedonia’s security agencies. My reporting for the activities that evening on the 27th of April was directed towards the president’s cabinet and his security advisor – said Živaljević.

Previously, VMRO-DPMNE refuted the claims of the Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić that a certain Macedonian institution has given its approval so the Serbian diplomat Goran Živaljević can enter the Parliament of Macedonia during the incident.

Živaljević claims that “in the press release issued by VMRO-DPMNE the title President of Republic of Macedonia is intentionally skipped over.”

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