Zaev: We will not leave Government, we will give the Przhino Agreement a chance until February 24


The opposition SDSM tonight held a meeting with the Central Committee where they unanimously decided that the party would not participate in the elections scheduled for April 24, but instead to give another chance to the Przhino Agreement where the ‘technical’ Ministers from SDSM will remain in office until the day Parliament will dissolve.

Opposition leader Zoran Zaev after his meeting with the Central Committee, he said in a press statement that there was a fruitful debate and an unanimous decision not to participate in the elections on April 24.

“The conclusions we came to with the Central Committee after the debate are the following: Fair and regular elections, a democratic imperative, and not the election date. Macedonia does not need another set of irregular elections. Therefore, changing the election date is not the wish of the opposition, but it is needed in order to carry out a full implementation of the Przhino Agreement. Quality and a credible verification of the voters’ list can not be done in 40 days without it being a credible and reliable voters’ list. There can be no regular elections without the electoral roll and without proper regulation of the media to create fair and equal airtime to all political parties so it can be effective before the election. For us at SDSM it is unacceptable to renew the voters’ list in such a short amount of time or without efficient regulation of the media on time. Therefore, SDSM will not particapte in the elections scheduled to take place on April the 24th”, said Zaev.

Answering the question what date does SDSM feel is optimal for elections, he said as soon as all obligations are met of the Przhino Agreement.

“Once the voters’ list is renewed and updated, and regulations for the media are completed, this would be a minimum but fair basis for all political parties to have equal space for a fair political competition, then the elections can be scheduled”, Zaev said.

He thanked US Ambassador Jess Bailey for his “excellent statement” where he said, it is in function for the interests of the state.

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