In a matter of few days, we shall know whether there will be an ambiance for reaching an agreement with the opposition for a two-thirds majority that is necessary to vote for the constitutional changes in the Parliament that are a result of the Agreement with Greece.

This was stressed by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in a statement at the launching class for new students at FINKI.

Zaev stressed that today is a day for summing up all of the analysis and said that the talks will start from tomorrow. According to him, there is a capacity for organizing snap elections which is the last option if an agreement isn’t reached.

Ова денеска го истакна премиерот Зоран Заев во изјава дадена по свечениот час на новозапишаните студенти на ФИНКИ.

-Certainly there is a capacity for elections. The law and the Constitution envisage such steps. But I hope we shall be able to make a deal. The processes cannot be frozen and put at standstill, and things will have to move forward – said the Prime Minister.

If an agreement cannot be reached and the snap elections are opted, according to him, the elections will happen quickly. There is a possibility for the elections to be organized by the end of November, a time frame that he mentioned yesterday. He also said that during that process there has to be a thought about the others.

Доколку не се постигне договор и се оди на предвремени избори, според него, изборите ќе се случат брзо. Постои можност тие да се организираат до крајот на ноември, временска одредница која ја спомена и вчера. Тој напомена оти во тој целиот тој процес мора да се мисли и на други