Zaev: There is a possible consensus on a presidential candidate, we have a dilemma over early elections


SDSM has not yet defined its position on whether to hold early elections, because the dilemma is whether to go for a new mandate or focus on EU integration and receive a date for accession talks with the EU, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said today.

“The dilemma over whether to announce early parliamentary elections is between two options – whether to choose a whole new mandate that is appealing to politicians, so that we can deliver economic effects, reform effects and improve the overall life or to put the interest of the state before the parties, and not to give any excuses to those member states who are against enlargement. Macedonia is waiting for a positive decision at the EU summit in June, where I believe that the European Commission, which is at the end of its mandate, wants to leave its legacy,” says Zaev.

He added that in the coming days they will also talk with coalition partners, political parties outside the coalition, parties that are not parliamentary, and consult with them, as he says, many important citizen associations, make surveys and analyzes in terms of finding the best candidate for the presidential election.

Regarding DUI’s statement that they will not support a presidential candidate from the SDSM Congress, Zaev said that they will choose a candidate together through a joint analysis.

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