Prime Minister Zoran Zaev hopes that no one in the EU, including French President Emmanuel Macron, will remain indifferent to the agreement reached over the name dispute with Greece, and that next week the country will receive a starting date for accession negotiations.

“I know that yesterday, the Dutch Parliament made a positive decision concerning our country. I hope that France and other countries, if reserved, will make a breakthrough because reforms are being carried out in the EU as well, but they can be done in parallel while Macedonia is negotiating membership. The chapters and the negotiations will last for years, and moving forwards as a state, Macedonia can help in the advancement of Europe, in parallel with the negotiation processes. I hope that French President Emmanuel Macron’s heart will soften will soften, I understand the internal debates that are currently being discusses in France, but France is a great friend”, added Zaev.

The Prime Minister said that the referendum on the name change is an extremely important issue and that for such a process; the state has to make a joint decision.

“I agree with the opposition that the referendum should be compulsory, and together we should determine whether it will be consultative or binding”, said Zaev at the beginning of the construction of the Rankovce – Kriva Palanka Expressway.