Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl responding to a journalist question concerning about the opening negotiations with Macedonia and Albania, said that countries had fulfilled the negotiating tasks required and now the credibility of the EU was in question. She also used the name “Northern Macedonia” in her statement, MIA correspondent from Brussels reported.

“I was dining with the Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs. I can not speak on behalf of all 27 countries, but in our eyes it is not a matter of giving something to these countries, but this is a matter of logic. We, the EU set tasks for Albania and Macedonia, to Northern Macedonia, to use the correct new name of this country, we set them goals to achieve that should that had to be fulfilled. In the case of Northern Macedonia, we have to reach a solution to the name issue, and should Albania makes reforms to the judiciary, then, our credibility would be in question if we fail to start the mechanism. Here, the EC and Federica Mogherini have the support of Austria”, Kane said.