“I was assigned the mandate and I expect to form the new government soon. As a mandatary and a future Prime Minister, I oblige that the new government will build a civil. Unitarian and European Macedonia. We shall direct all our strengths in building a just and legal state” said SDSM’s party leader, Zoran Zaev, in a statement after he was assigned the mandate for forming the new government by the president of the state, Gjorge Ivanov.

-I shall work with all my heart, by believing in togetherness and that is why I’m sending a message to leave the differences, the isolation, the hatred, the impatience and the destructive policies that have destroyed our lives aside. The new government will be a government for all citizens. Together we shall create a legal and a just state with free citizens – said Zaev.

He said as well that the negotiations for forming a new government with DUI, the Alliance of the Albanians and Besa will start immediately and that in a less than 10 days a new government will be formed.