Zaev: Sela’s nominee for a Minister for Health was unacceptable

Last night, during the interview for the “Night Studio” TV show, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that the nominees for the vacant ministerial positions and the deputy minister were sent to the Parliament and that the Alliance of the Albanians’ nominee for a Minister of Health was unacceptable.

The government has sent the name of Venko Filipche to the Parliament as a nominee for a Minister of Health.

Zaev said that the Alliance of the Albanians had won the Ministry of Health because of Arben Taravari and stressed that he felt very awkward because of the misunderstandings with the Alliance’s party leader, Zijadin Sela.

-No one entitles the ministry of Health but we demand quality. We are selecting an individual and not a political party. I feel very awkward because of Sela who was shoulder to shoulder with me at the Parliament and because of the length of the negotiations we still didn’t find a mutually satisfying solution. I hope that we shall still be cooperating together and not only with the Alliance but also with the opposition’s watchful eye – said Zaev.