The Criminal Court in Skopje decided that the former Head of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence will not go to a trial for the Torture case, but only the 6 members of the Alpha unit that arrested the party leader of United for Macedonia, Ljube Boshkovski for the case in the Campaign case in 2011.

The Council for indictment evaluation has partially accepted the charges in the Torture case i.e. the part where the accused ones are the 6 police officer but not the part that refers to the former Head of the secret police confirmed SPO for Meta.

Mijalkov, including the members of the Alpha unit, among which is the former Unit Commander, Ivica Anchevski – Puki, is charged with criminal acts such as “torture and other cruel, inhuman or humiliating acts and punishment.”

SPO said it is preparing to file an appeal about the Council’s decision about the indictment evaluation at the Appellate Court Skopje.