The President of SDSM Zoran Zaev at the 12th Programming Congress, said that the SDSM will draw the path of a different, and more advanced Macedonia, a country of equal citizens.

“We are in the final. The finale that will send Nikola Gruevski and his rotten government into history. It is already happening. There is no escape from the Przhino Agreement. The Special Prosecutor was established, the transitional government has been formed, and in a few days Nikola Gruevski will leave”, said Zaev.

He pointed out that, along with the SDSM coalition partners, they are preparing for a clean electoral process, where the citizens can express there free will.

“We are working to create conditions for fair elections. One of the most important interests of the citizens of Macedonia are crystal clean elections”, said Zaev.

The key goal, as noted is Macedonia to be a country with a large and economically stable middle class society, not a society of a small group of very rich and the majority of citizens poor.

“The stable middle class will be the guarantor and holder of a democratic and free Macedonia. Now, in the middle class live very small percentage of households. During th rule of this government, Macedonia became the state with the greatest social stratification in Europe. The policies of Gruevski and his best man Stavreski, makes the income flow to a small group of people in power who are rich and deplete the rest of the people”, emphasized Zaev.

Zaev reminded everyone, that over 180,000 people are living with 40 denars per day, over 500,000 people live below the poverty line, every third company is blocked and there has been at least 10,000 companies closed.

He suggested two years after taking office to create a legal basis, the Public Prosecutor of Macedonia to be elected through a proposal by the opposition.

The congress, SDSM should adopt a program that will translate it into the electoral program.