Zaev: Macedonia chose a future instead of uncertain and meaningless isolation


The Republic of Macedonia made the choice. The country chose a future, instead of uncertain and meaningless isolation. For the first time in its history, the Republic of Macedonia sat at the table as an equal partner, with mediation from the United Nations, to discuss, negotiate and decide on its future, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said on the stage in front of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet (MOB) , at the start of the campaign by the European Union Office “Imagine the Future Together”, which promotes the benefits of joining the union.

“It has never happened before. The country’s future was decided without her presence. We said – no more. For us, you will talk to us about our future! This is done only by proven and proven statehood peoples and political elites. And the world recognized it. They acknowledged us. They recognized us as an equal partner, as a factor in the region, Europe and the world. Against all odds, we showed courage, dignity and political stance. Recognition also came in form of a date for negotiations with the European Union, and as an invitation for the final process of accession to full-fledged NATO membership. Citizens of our country made the choice and they are proud of their choice. We chose the future. The future of the European Union – A choice that belongs to every European citizen,” said the Macedonian Prime Minister.

He said that in the upcoming referendum “we will make the last step to finish the construction of our country according to European rules.”

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