I am ashamed that I am a Prime Minister of a country with such prisons, stated Prime Minister Zoran Zaev after today’s visit to “Idrizovo” prison. Zaev visited the penitentiary institution together with the Ombudsmen, Ixmet Memeti, and the Executive Director of the Helsinki Committe for Human Rights, Uranija Priovska.

Zaev did not hide his disappointment with the conditions of the prison.

“There are no minimum conditions for serving a sentence here…. I am ashamed that I am Prime Minister of a country with such prisons. The conditions are inhumane substandard, and far beneath a mans dignity. I am for an amnesty, we hope that it gets into Government and Parliamentary procedure as soon as possible”, said Zaev after he toured the prison.

“Idrizovo” prison has 1.800 inmates, however the capacity of the prison is only for 800 people, added the Prime Minister.

Zaev said that the Government will try to foster debate in society through the media, for the immediate improvement of prison conditions.

One of the options for the overcrowding situation in Idzrizovo, he has called for an amnesty for some of the inmates, by terminating prison sentences for non violent offenders. However, heavy criminals such as pedophiles and anyone who has committed crimes against humanity will not be offered such an amnesty.

Zaev said that the debate regarding the amnesty has already begun in the institutions.
After visiting the prison, the Prime Minister said that some parts of Idzizovo should be demolished, as it is impossible to renovate.