Zaev: I put aside vanity, friendship with Bulgaria should be nurtured and built on


I’m doing everything in my power to build friendship. You see that I put my vanity aside, I want to build a sincere friendship. Bulgaria is a partner of Macedonia and has proved it several times and we are right not to forget it, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said in answer to a journalist question about whether Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov’s statement should not be seen as a threat to Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

“I appeal to everybody that together we put aside the political interests, blatant populism and deal with what really does challenge us, and not be careless. We confirmed the agreement with Bulgaria with our signatures, but we should nurture and build it up and constantly strive towards building a better friendship that is in the common interest of both countries and the both peoples and the following generations. We should all pay attention and contribute to this mutual friendship”, Zaev said. He also answered the question, whether the two countries would finally agree on the “Ilinden” uprising, he replied that we are already marking it as part of our joint common history.

Regarding the campaign concerning the referendum Zaev says that the campaign will be stepped up in public and will serve to make people look at the agreement and see that the identity has been confirmed and that the Macedonian language is guaranteed.

“Government will discuss at a session tomorrow and decide how to help concerning the informative part of the campaign in order the 3 % who have already read the agreement, will become 100 % “, Zaev said.

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