Civil associations have reacted regarding the recent adoption of amendments to the Law on the Financing of Political Parties.

They say that “the harmonization of the legal solutions took place in a non-transparent manner and although it is stated that the legal solution draws legitimacy from the recommendations of the civil society given in the document “The Blueprint – A Proposal for Urgent Democratic Reforms “, those recommendations are only selectively and partially used in law. ”

From the Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis” Skopje, the Centre for Economic Analyzes, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia, “Eurotink”, the Association of Journalists of Macedonia, the Institute for European Policy Skopje, have all recommended a limitation on the total amount of funds which can be obtained from individual donations.

“An improved mechanism for compulsory checking the origin of funds for each donation should be introduced. To specify that the land or real estate administered by the parties should refer to the place where the party buildings are located. There is a mandatory obligation for all proponents of the law at all stages, including the submission of amendments, “said the associations in their recommendations.