Zaev has called on Albanian parties not to enter a coalition with Gruevski


SDSM’s leader, Zoran Zaev called on today the Albanian parties that have won MP seats in the Parliament not to coalition with VMRO-DPMNE and its leader Nikola Gruevski because that would denote a support for a regime and dictatorship contrary to the will of the majority of people.

-All parties must obey the will of the majority of citizens for changes expressed at the last elections. Party leaders bear special responsibility and they must not think that because of financial or corruptive impulses or guided by personal or party interests not to respect the will of the citizens. I want to make it clear for all parties that have MPs in the Parliament that an eventual coalition with Gruevski means coalition for a regime and dictatorship. No one has the right to support a dictatorship contrary to the will of the voters. The citizens clearly have rejected the regime and have made up their minds for a democratic future for Republic of Macedonia – said Zaev.

SDSM’s leader condemned the hate speech that, as he said, Gruevski and his associates want to impose it against NGOs and ambassadors that are working diligently to help the citizens of Macedonia.
-I will not allow any harm to be done to the ambassadors that are guests in our country nor to any other citizen in the country. I will not allow Macedonia’s future in NATO and EU to be jeopardized –stressed Zaev.

He stressed that federalization and cantonization exist only in Nikola Gruevski’s head, and on the other hand, Macedonia has a great Constitution that has to be obeyed.

When he was asked whether SDSM is talking with Albanian political parties about the coalition, Zaev said that all election processes have to be waited to end and then certainly there will be talks.

Also, Zoran Zaev held today’s press conference in front of the Parliament to mark “Black Monday” – 24th of December 2012 – when MPs from SDSM and journalists in the gallery were forcefully and violently thrown out of Parliament.

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