Xhaferri: We are standing in front of a historical moment from which our future depends


All of us, both as citizens and as politicians, are standing in front of a historical moment, a moment from which our presence depends, but also our future depends on, stressed the President of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, Talat Xhaferri at today’s addressing at the conference “NATO integration – predicament for security and development.”

-I don’t have to remind that 27 years ago, when at the referendum the citizens decided for the independent Republic of Macedonia, the MPs from the first line-up have turned this decision into a legal frame and it was then when the country’s strategic goals were set, and that is complete integration into NATO and EU – said Xhaferri.

And now, he stressed, this historical moment is truly in front of us. At the end of the month, he said, the citizens will have to decide at the referendum whether they accept the Prespa Agreement, that was supported by the governments of Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Greece.

– I am convinced that this Agreement will be accepted by the citizens because they know that with it the doors for a full-fledged membership into the NATO alliance will be opened and we shall start the negotiations for an EU accession. Therefore, I believe that with the majority voting “FOR” at the referendum on the 30th of September, we shall confirm as citizens and as a state that we belong to Europe and that we accept and share European values. I am convinced that the majority of citizens, regardless of their ethnic, religious or political determination, are aware that through total integration into NATO and EU, we are securing a stable presence, safety and a much prosperous future – said Xhaferri.

Talking about the NATO membership, he explained that the membership into collective security systems such as NATO, means great responsibility and an active contribution in the effort of keeping the peace and the security, not only at home but globally, as well.

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