VMRO-DPMNE presents “Manifesto for a Unified Macedonia”


Today, members of the Executive Committee of VMRO-DPMNE, Antonio Milososki, Nikola Poposki and Ilija Dimovski presented the Manifesto for a Unified Republic of Macedonia, at the Centre of Communications of VMRO-DPMNE.

The document is a “vision” of the party for the state, which they say is “the only home country for Macedonians, where citizens live united, with Albanian people, Turkish people, Vlach people, Serbian people, Roma people, Bosniak people and other people.”

According to Milososki “Roadmap” which was launched a few days ago concerns the current political situation and overcoming the crisis, while the Manifesto is a document with guidelines, principles which relates to the the way the country will be ruled in the next 15 years.

“The first principle is to unite national interests, the second principle is the integration of society, the third principle is the rule of law for the success of the country and the fourth principle is the market economy for a better standard of living for every citizen”, said Milososki.

For the realization of the mission, Executive Committee member, Nikola Poposki stressed the establishment of regular dialogue between each government and opposition on issues of national interest.

In regards to the name, he stated that a change to the Constitution will not be accepted in order to change its constitutional name.

Executive Committee member, Ilija Dimovski stated that a census must be conducted in order for quality policy planning and constructive dialogue on inter-ethic issues.

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