A manipulation about the coronavirus and the COVID-19 was made with the publication of a Facebook post written in Macedonian, with claims that the real culprit is not a virus, but a bacteria, but also that the disease can be treated with Aspirin only, writes Truthmeter.mk in its latest analysis.

The author of this manipulation i.e. the disinformation that was launched with the post , claims that German doctors have made a discovery that the culprit is a bacteria and that on basis of an autopsy they have found out that Aspirin must be used as the main medication, because there were blood clots in the bloodstream. On top of it, the author claims the German Health Ministry as the source of this information.
The Facebook post also claims the following:

URGENT!! Germany
* Finally the final virus has been located in Germany *
The German doctors have disobeyed the world’s law on health by the WHO that requires that autopsies for coronavirus mustn’t be made and they have found out that THIS IS NOT A VIRUS, but a BACTERIA that is causing death. This leads to the creation of blood clots and the patient’s death.
…Source: GERMANY, the Health Ministry

This disinformation that was shared in October and is still viral and has many shares, can easily be refuted with a simple visit of the German Health Ministry’s webpage.

From the opening page, one has to select „Coronavirus information “, and then Basic information about coronavirus and in the end, choose the section titled What is coronavirus and what is COVID-19.

By reading this text, the public will be truly informed that the coronavirus is a VIRUS and not a bacteria, and that the disinformation in the Facebook post that is under review has nothing to do with the actual situation, and that the German Health Ministry cannot be used as a source of this “information”.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has placed this issue in the section titled as Coronavirus Myths.

As for the Aspirin, which was allegedly discovered as the main medication for COVID-19 by German doctors after an autopsy, this is also untrue. The Aspirin is an anticoagulant i.e. medicine that prevents the creation of blood clots and it has been used so for decades. It is used as a medication in the therapy for COVID-19 since the earliest stages of the pandemic when it was determined that the people infected often develop blood clots.

Even though there is no specific medication used against COVID-19, the WHO recommends that the medications should be used in accordance with the patient’s needs..

The Aspirin and its effects are part of several major studies (see HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE), but these studies took place in Great Britain and the USA, as Internet sources claim.

Still, medications that prevent the creation of blood clots in people infected with COVID-19 are used in North Macedonia as well, and they are named Clexane or Fraxiparine, which can be seen from the following
fact checks conducted by Truthmeter.mk.

According to the aforementioned facts, the Facebook post that we reviewed is a disinformation, informs Truthmeter.mk .