Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has received a letter from the US President, Donald Trump, in which, on behalf of the American people, he is congratulating on the ratification and implementation of the Prespa Agreement and is stressing that North Macedonia is a big partner for the US, informs the government’s press service.

“This is the most historic achievement in the Balkans since the Dayton Accords, and it is a testament to Your courageous leadership. Through Your efforts with Prime Minister Tsipras, you have secured a more stable and more prosperous future not only for your two countries but for the entire region. Your country will now take its rightful place in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as the Republic of North Macedonia” wrote Trump.

The US President has expressed hope that the Prespa Agreement will provide an inspiration to other countries in the region.

“North Macedonia is a strong partner of the United States. We look forward to welcoming you as our 30th ally in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and to continue our work together to ensure peace and prosperity for the Western Balkans” stressed Trump.

In his letter, the US President stressed that with political courage and ability to focus on long term benefits over short term risks, leaders can make the tough compromises needed to put the countries on a path toward a brighter future.