The Security Secretary of Russia, Nikolai Patrushev last night said that a stable course for a further expansion of NATO has been set and which strives to drag Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina by force to join the Alliance.

In an interview for “Rossiyskaya Gazeta,” he said that there are ongoing efforts to move elements of the American global nuclear shield in Europe and the American anti-rocket shield in South Korea.

– The consolidated efforts of the West, among other things, are directed towards undermining the process of integration with our country, thus devaluating the idea of a “Russian world” in its entirety. That jeopardizes the security not only of Russia but of several other countries as well– said Patrushev.

He said that the election of Donald Trump as the president of USA doesn’t mean any fundamental changes in the Russian-American relations.

-We have no illusions about any recent weakening of the measures directed towards derailing Russia – said Patrushev and also added that there is a space for a constructive collaboration with the USA in the area of the fight against terrorism, information security and other areas