The recordings from the security cameras that recorded the getaway of convict Nikola Gruevski to Albania were not provided and this country didn’t act upon the request for international legal help from the security services, said the state Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski during the debate about the Law on the Special Prosecutor’s Office at MANU.

-There are several explanations provided by the Albanian side, but basically, they had a large quantity of recorded material from the cameras and that their system couldn’t have kept them longer – said Joveski.

According to him, these recordings were not erased manually, but the system was programmed to do so automatically. Regarding the movements of Gruevski within this country, Joveski didn’t explain whether the Prosecution has any concrete recordings of him, but stressed that all acquired recordings are analyzed by the Prosecution.

He also said that acquiring international assistance is a delicate process that is accomplished under special conditions and that our Prosecution has done everything in accordance with its regulations and procedures, but the ending result is this.

The government was asked many times about former Prime Minister’s getaway and the asylum he was granted by Hungary, but the answers always were that it is waiting for the Prosecution to come out with the results from the investigation and then it will give its opinion.