The Parliament will be holding its 22nd session and the first point on its agenda will be the appointment of the new state public prosecutor, a position for which the government proposed Ljubomir Joveski, the current member of the Council of Public Prosecutors.

At this session, apart from appointing the new public prosecutor, on the agenda there are seven points among which is the amendments in the Law for witness protection, that were requested by the Special Public Prosecution which in turn will allow it to decide who will be a protected witness in the procedures that are under its custody. The amendments of the law for witness protection, as was stated, should be passed with a summary procedure.

Apart from these, at the session, there will be a discussion about amendments to other laws. Otherwise, there are two plenary sessions planned for today. The MPs should continue with their work after the 8th session where the proposed decision for naming deputies for the Parliament’s General Secretary and 5 legal amendments proposed by VMRO-DPMNE’s MPs.