The Institute for Public Health: 70.1% more COVID infections compared to the previous week, the mortality rate is increased by 4.8 %


The Health Ministry informs that in accordance with the Institute for Public Health’s report that refers to the period between 26th of October and 1st of November, a total of 17.299 materials were tested at laboratories where the molecular testing is implemented for the presence of SARD-Cov-2 and it shows an increase of 23.6% compared to the previous week.

5.800 new positive cases were registered in 35 cities in the state, with an increase of 70.1% compared to the week before. Most of the registered cases are located in Skopje (n=2.690; 46,4 %), where the highest weekly incidence was evidenced – 435,5/100.000.

“During the given period, the percentage of positive persons out of all tested is 33.5%. Infected persons were registered from all age groups. The most affected group of persons is at the age between 30-39 (n=1283, 22,1 %). A large number of infected is registered among persons of age groups above 60 (n=1169; 20,2 %), 40-49 (n=1089; 18,8 %), 50-59 (n=1056; 18,2 %), and 20-29 (n=866; 14,9 %). The smallest percentage was registered among children aged between 0-9 (n=94; 1,6 %), and between 10-19(n=243; 4,2 %),” states PHI’s report.

In regards to the virus’ distribution according to gender, 2.793 (48,2 %) females and 3.007 (51,8 %) males were reported. After received two negative tests for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 or with the use of the new algorithm, 2.262 persons that were either hospitalized or received out of hospital treatment, are considered as recovered which is 696 more compared to the previous week.

88 deaths were reported in 21 cities which is an increase of 4.8% compared to the previous week. Out of these, 70 persons were aged above 60, 12 persons were aged between 50-59, 4 death cases were reported for persons aged between 40-49 and one each in age groups 30-39 and 20-29. Out of the death cases, 81 or 92% were epidemiologically investigated,” said the Report.

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