Until 10 years ago, in Croatia, no one was asking how will the politicians travel to the World Cup and who will pay for their tickets for the matches. This is what everyone is interested in today. The people have developed a higher sense for corruption, for responsibility, for the rule of law, stressed the Croatian Ambassador Danijela Barishic during the forum on the subject of “Perspectives from the NATO integration – what will bring the accession process for Macedonia and its citizens” that took place today in Bitola. The forum is part of a USAID project for a citizen participation.

-You have a manual from 28 countries, and you have Croatia to serve as an example. The people today are conscious of what the politicians can do. You have institutions that are working in accordance with the law, regardless of who is power – stressed Barishic.

The national coordinator for the NATO acquisition, Stevo Pendarovski said that there are several alternatives for a NATO, mainly central-Asian military and political alliances, but none is a better alternative for us.

– NATO and EU are schools for democracy – said Pendarovski, stressing that the most important project in the process of integration is the creation of professional and not a party administration.

At the forum, also Ismet Ramadani, the President of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia, took part in, including Goran Ilikj, the Dean of the Law faculty in Botla and members of NGOs, educational and cultural institutions.