The Embassy of UK supports professional and impartial justice since it is important for the citizens of North Macedonia and is a key EU requirement, replied the Embassy’s representatives to a question posted by Portalb,mk regarding the vetting of judges.

“If the Government decides to take this approach, taking into account the views of the key stakeholders, and if requested from us, we could provide the necessary information and expertise” replied the Embassy.

They also said that “UK has already contributed significantly in the Rule of Law programs to build a strong and efficient legal system in North Macedonia that ensures equal application and access to justice.”

“The reforms in the Administrative Courts will provide for stronger protection for individuals and businesses. The implementation of a Judicial Indicator Matrix, as well as the development of a Performance Indicator Matrix for the Public Prosecutor Office, will help monitor the implementation of the Judiciary Reform Strategy and will be used as a comprehensive diagnostic of the sector. The UK also supports civil society to scrutinize and engage with the Judicial Council, and State Commission for Prevention of Corruption for improved transparency, accountability, and performance. At the end of this year UK will also launch a new regional Rule of Law initiative investing further £ 20 Min the WB 6” states the Embassy of UK.