Tamara was sacrificed for advertising and promotion?


Was young Tamara kept for advertising and a tragic victim of thirst for promotion?

This is indicated by the statement of Aspazija Sofijanova, director of the Pediatric Clinic, that the decision for young Tamara not to be treated abroad came from “above#, because it was awaited the new spinal center to be open and the girl to be treated there. This was confirmed by Sofijanova for “Nova TV”.

Sofijanova says that at the moment when Secondary Commission was making the decision, she was not in the country, and the decision was agreed over the phone. Although her signature stands on the decision rejecting Tamara’s treatment abroad, Sofijanova explains that she is not the chairman of the Commission, but that she only substituted for doctor Anastasika Poposka, otherwise the mother of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who was sick at that time.

I sincerely regret and agreed to accept the blame if it helps someone to sleep peacefully, said Sofijanova at today’s press conference.

– I am prepared to bear moral responsibility as a member of the Secondary Commission for the reference for treatment abroad and to withdraw from the post. I saw the error made by the commission and did everything in my power to correct it as soon as possible – said Sofijanova.

The case of 9-year-old Tamara through trundled for three years the labyrinths of institutions. The public learned about it in the last three months, when almost all the media began to report on it, while charity concerts were also organized.

She died on Monday, before the decision she to be operated in Turkey to be made. The amount for the operation was 30,000 euros.

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