Taleski sends his Case to the Court of Appeals to Overturn the Measure of House Arrest


The Criminal Court today has sent the Mayor of Bitola, Vladimir Taleski’s case to Court of Appeals to appeal his house arrest restriction, the Basic Court Skopje 1 confirmed for “Meta”. Mayor Taleski is the prime suspect in the “Transporter” case which was opened by the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

“The case has been completed and submitted to the Court of Appeals”, said a spokesperson for the court, Paula Bozinovska.

For the case to be sent to the Court of Appeals, the courts were waiting for written acknowledgment from the police department in Bitola, as evidence, that Taleski and the police received the court’s decision on the measure for house arrest, so they can continue with completing the case and submitting it to the Court of Appeals.

According to information from the Court of Appeals, they are expecting the case to arrive at some point today. However, to speak about specifics of the case, they would have to see exactly what the documentation contains, and exactly who has appealed.

The appeal against the measure of house arrest was announced by Taleski’s defense team, and the Court of Appeals will decide whether to uphold the decision from the Basic Court Skopje 1 or repeal their decision.

The Criminal Council of the Basic Court Skopje 1 previously revoked a decision made by the judge from the preliminary hearing, and only confiscated Taleski’s passport and sentenced him to house arrest, even though the prosecution asked for pre-trial detention.

From Monday afternoon, the police in Bitola began the implementation of the court’s measure of house arrest, and their teams have been frequently visiting the Mayor of Bitola’s home unannounced.

The Special Public Prosecution is charging Taleski and another 22 people for abusing their positions in the transportation of students in Bitola, making 360,000 euros from the scheme.

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