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Tag: вицепремиер

Sadula Duraki appointed as the new Deputy Prime Minister

During yesterday's 142nd session, the Minister for Political Systems and Relations among Communities, Sadula Duraki was appointed as a Deputy Prime Minister at the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev's cabinet. Duraki was relieved of his duty by Zaev's cleaning and from a Minister of Environment and Urban Planning, now he is a minister at the new Ministry of Political System and...

The government will change a legislation in order to determine the salaries of Vice-Prime Ministers

The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy is preparing amendments to the Law on salaries for elected and appointed persons in the Republic of Macedonia in order to be able to determine the salaries of the Vice Prime Ministers: Kocho Angjushev, Radmila Shekjerinska, Oliver Spasovski, Bujar Osmani and Hazbi Lika. "By making the Decision No. 87/2017 by the Constitutional...