Tags The Republic of Ilindenska Macedonia”

Tag: The Republic of Ilindenska Macedonia”

Republic of North Macedonia with Macedonian language and identity, says Greek media

The Greek media has already published items from the alleged agreement regarding the name, reached by Macedonian and Greek prime ministers, Zoran Zaev and Alexis Tsipras. According to the media, the name “Republic of North Macedonia” (for overall use) was agreed upon. The use of adjectives, such as Macedonian before words like “citizenship” and “language” will be preserved and are guaranteed. A...

Alliance for Albanians: “Ilindenska” is a blow to secularism and ‘slavisizes” the state

At yesterday’s session of the Central Presidency, regarding the most recent proposal, the "Republic of Ilindenska Macedonia" in resolving the name dispute with Greece, the Alliance of Albanians called it a drift towards 'slavisize' the name of the country and is a heavy blow to secularism. "The integration of Macedonia into the EU and NATO is an uncompromising strategic and...