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Skopje: Extravagant Projects for Cheap Political Gain

Three projects in three municipalities in Skopje are united in one thing - they all have a primarily decorative function. Park of lakes in Aerodrom, the Bohemian street in the Centre, and the Delfina Square, although in different municipalities, they have a common denominator - high costs and the constant boasting with why and how much of our money was...

Today a new “bomb” and debate about “Skopje 2014”

Today, at 18 pm at Camp of Liberty, the vice president of SDSM, Damian Manchevski, will present new audio evidence for "Truth About Skopje 2014" as part of the project "truth about Macedonia." Followed by debate about "Skopje 2014", on which the following people will speak: Eleonora Petrova-Mitevska university professor, Danica Pavlovska of the initiative "I love GTC" Vilikj Nebojsa,...