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Van Houte pushed for Katica, and beat all the limousines with his bicycle

Peter van Houte, the Belgian facilitator who mediated between the working groups of political parties VMRO-DPMNE, SDSM, DUI and DPA successfully agreed upon the name and law of the Special Public Prosecutor.Though seemingly humble and gentle he has repeatedly proved that it is no coincidence, that he carries a certain 'weight', political and any other. Taking into account unofficial information...

Van Houte: One of the political parties does not adhere to the agreement or the deadline for the Special Public Prosecutor

At the moment I can say that one of the biggest political parties did not adhere to what is agreed and does not respect any deadlines, which is unacceptable when conducting negotiations and reaching a final agreement. This was the statement by the Belgian facilitator Peter Van Houte before the start of today's round of negotiations for the appointing of...