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Openness Index: Government of North Macedonia first, Parliament third in Western Balkans

According to the latest Openness Index, which ranked four countries from the Western Balkans - North Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, i.e. their governments and parliaments, the Government of North Macedonia was ranked first on the list, while the country's Parliament was ranked third. The evaluation of the state of good governance of the parliaments and the executive...

Metamorphosis Foundation’s research: Average openness of municipalities in North Macedonia in 2021 was 25%

In North Macedonia there are municipalities that have two official websites or have a website which is not registered with the gov.mk domain. On the other hand, the websites of some municipalities, like the municipality of Saraj, aren't meeting the cyber security standards. Even 12 of the country's local self-government units didn't publish their budgets on their official websites....