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Tag: НиколаМладенов

Opposition won’t publish the “bomb” for Mladenov’s death today

The opposition SDSM today, marking two years since the death of the journalist and owner of "Fokus" Nikola Mladenov, won’t hold a press conference on which it would publish recordings, which, as previously stated, include talks about the tragic event, confirmed for META SDSM spokesman Petre Shilegov. - Today won’t be a press conference on the concerned topic. We repeatedly...

Journalist Ljubisha Arsik wins “Nikola Mladenov” award

Research Award "Nikola Mladenov", bestowed by the Macedonian Institute for Media, was won by journalist of "Fokus", Ljubisha Arsik, for the series of texts on missing AFI systems. He told his colleagues journalists that they should continue researching and writing. Arsik said he is glad that foreign funds began to give more money to researchers-journalists and that the number...