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The trident is not a Nazi symbol, but part of the Ukrainian history

Photo: pixabay.com Drawing a parallel between Zelenskyy and Hitler is a classical manipulation in the spirit of Russian propaganda. All this is done to justify the Russian aggression of sovereign Ukraine which is ongoing for more than a year. Zelensky is Jewish – his grandfather and his three brothers were fighting against the Nazis. As a reminder, Ukraine banned the...

Facebook bans nazi and antisemitic sontents

Фејсбук / Facebook
Not only Facebook doesn’t say that “Hitler was a good man, a democrat fighting for rights”, as the post claims, but it also sanctions such narratives and fabrications. Regarding the malicious statement that ”it is not by accident” that ”Zelenskyy was tuned to perform at his best”, Facebook has nothing to do with creating or sharing content by users...

History doesn’t repeat itself in this case, as Zelenskyy is not Hitler

It is not the first time to see narratives on social networks about Ukraine being fascist and Nazi country, that Nazism (Neo-Nazism) is being glorified there and that Zelenskyy himself is a Nazi. All this is done to justify the Russian aggression on a sovereign country going on for more than a year, writes Truthmeter.mk. Under the content-sharing agreement between...