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Truthmeter.mk: Lots of courts and judges, but little Justice

With the systematization of the judicial network for judges in all levels of courts and for all types of courts, 636 judicial seats are provided, and 493 seats have been filled, but even with this number, we are leaders in Europe. With 34 courts, we are leaders in terms of the number of courts, but we can never get...

Government of North Macedonia adopts “Europe at Home” agenda on implementation of EU standards in the domestic legislation

Агенда Европа дома, фото: Влада
The "Agenda: Europe at Home" document that was adopted at yesterday's government session was prepared by the joint groups of the Republic of North Macedonia (RNM) and the EU. Those groups were formed on the basis of the Agreement for Stabilization and Association and the EC's recommendations. In the implementation of these European reforms, the RNM will also have...