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MoI: Greek and Albanian flags burnt at yesterday’s protest and stones thrown at the EU Info Centre

At yesterday’s protests in Skopje, which were organized by the World Macedonian Congress and Macedonian communities across Europe, Greek and Albanian flags were burnt and stones were thrown at the EU Info Centre, said the Ministry of Interior. According to the MoI, police found five bottles of flammable liquid in Woman Warrior Park opposite the Parliament. In connection to this,...

“No to negotiations” shout citzens, they demand equality, justice and freedom

In a tense atmosphere after a brief clash between protesters and police in front of the Theatre "Comedy", protests organized by civil society organizations came to an end. A small incident happened after the leader of ‘Dignity’ Stojanche Angelov, urged citizens to challenge the police, who, according to him, had no right to prevent citizens from protesting and expressing their...