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Bogov: Investments have failed, GDP will increase by 2.3%

This year investments have failed, affecting the projection of growth of the gross domestic product to 2.3% in 2016, said Governor Dimitar Bogov, at the presentation of the October macroeconomic projections. “All investments totally failed: public, private, foreign and domestic. The general ambience due to the political crisis was not the most suitable and it affected investor confidence. Increasing the...

Citizens in May withdrew 67 million euros from banks

Last month, citizens withdrew 67 million euros from banks, and deposits have decreased by 22 million euros, says the recent data from the National Bank. Unlike citizens, who have continued the trend of withdrawing money from banks, firms and business’s are returning money back to the banks. In May they deposited 29.6 million euros back into the banking system. A month...