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Mirth reigns after Balkan Facebook Flat Earthers group takes a hit by trolling journalist

Bosnian journalist and blogger Mustafa Sejdinović caused a minor good will sensation in the post-Yugoslav part of the Balkans after he confessed to busting a Facebook group for Flat Earthers from the region. Sejdinović, who goes by the nickname Musa, explained how he infiltrated the group Ravna Zemlja / Flat Earth Balkan, devoted to promotion of flat-earth conspiracy theory, became...

Retired colonel of the Yugoslav counterintelligence speculates that CIA is working against Serbia from a car dealership in Skopje

Several Serbian media outlets have recently promoted a conspiracy theory – the counterintelligence services of the Balkan countries, in a car dealership in Skopje, are preparing to assassinate Serbian oppositionists. Afterwards, the “West” would blame these crimes on Vučić’s government. The Serbian weekly newspaper ”Pečat“ in the issue released on 19 July 2019, published a text entitled: “Noose for Serbia” (original:...