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Concessionaire keeps numb on cleanup of arsenic from Lojane, authorities announce inspection

After Meta.mk's article about the situation with the stockpiled arsenic and other toxic mineral raw materials in the tailing ponds of the former Lojane Mine and the deposits near the village of Tabanovce in relative vicinity, the Ministry of Economy of North Macedonia sent a request to competent inspectorates to conduct an inspection and to take measures if they...

Macedonian Government still hasn’t received the rulling of the Administrative Court about Ilovica Mine

The Government still hasn't received the ruling of the Administrative Court on the lawsuit by the former concessionaire of the mines in Ilovica and Shtuka, even though it was accepted by the end of March. "The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia still hasn't received any official document about the Administrative Court's ruling in favor of the former concessionaire...