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SDSM: The blockade of democratic processes will lead to criminal charges

The democratic processes will continue and the country must continue to function at full capacity, because the livelihood of the citizens is at stake, and businesses due to unreasonable blockades that are preventing a peaceful transfer of power, stated SDSM’s regular morning press release. “Outgoing Ministers have technical powers. In a very short time, all powers of the Mayors and...

SDSM: The PRO have no moral right to block the accounts of citizens for a broadcasting fee

The opposition SDSM asks, with what right does the PRO (Public Revenue Office) have to threaten more than 27,000 citizens and businesses by blocking their bank account for the collection of a broadcasting fee? According to the party, the latest data from the list of debtors, the Broadcasting Council of Macedonia owes nearly 800,000 euros. “MTV, according to the same list,...