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Angelov: We do not suffer from the wicked as from the passivity of the good

Over 100 people gathered today in front of the Macedonian Radio Television to demand the public service to publish the wiretapped conversations announced by the opposition. At the gathering addressed Mayor of the Municipality of Centar Andrej Zhernovski, Ljupcho - Bubo Karov and a few people from the crowd. In front of MTV were played recordings of wiretapped conversations. Zhernovski said...

Angelov and Kodzias agreed to deepen cooperation between Macedonia and Greece

Common consensus that Macedonia and Greece should develop cooperation in all fields, regardless of the name dispute, is the outcome of today's meeting between Ambassador Darko Angelov and Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kodzias. New Macedonian Ambassador to liaison office in Athens this afternoon met with the new Greek foreign minister at the new Government of Alexis Tsipras. The first...