Angelov: We do not suffer from the wicked as from the passivity of the good

Over 100 people gathered today in front of the Macedonian Radio Television to demand the public service to publish the wiretapped conversations announced by the opposition. At the gathering addressed Mayor of the Municipality of Centar Andrej Zhernovski, Ljupcho – Bubo Karov and a few people from the crowd.

In front of MTV were played recordings of wiretapped conversations.

Zhernovski said that although MTV has a legal obligation, it did not visit, nor published events concerning the referendum on the appearance of GTC.

– The one who worked for the freedom of A1 is now working in the regime’s MTV and he should consider where he and all around him would go this Government leaves – said Zhernovski.

Stojanche Angelov, who addressed last, noted that the demand from MTV to publish the conversations for all Macedonian citizens to hear the truth and the Government to go, the public prosecutor to resign and the Assembly do dismiss itself, but form a technical government before that.

– We demand these people to leave because they have no legitimacy. Neither the government, nor the Public Prosecution, nor the Assembly. One here is worth ten scared who don’t have the courage to come. Therefore I say that we gathered 10,000. We won’t allow the Government to spend our money and we will prosecute them until they return every last stolen euro. Our goal is not to provoke violence, but to gather 100,000 people – stated Angelov.

Finally he said that citizens do not suffer from the wicked as from the passivity of the good.

Angelov announced that, on Monday at 12 pm, a protest in front of the Public Prosecution will be held in order to ask the prosecutor why Gruevski, and, as he said, his gang, are not detained.