Students from the “Student plenum” demand a response who ordered the use of force without a legal basis for the members of the Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) and armored vehicles to be deployed yesterday in front of SPUKM, where members of the Student Parliament were locking the ballot boxes for Student President elections.

At today’s protest in front of SPUKM, members of the “Student plenum” said security forces used excessive force to free the space in front SPUKM where students waited for hours to bring the boxes which had all the ballots from the vote. In the small clash with the police, some of the students received injuries.

Today, the police are also securing the SPUKM building, however, students standing right in front of the police asked them publicly whether they protect criminals and beat students who seek justice.

“We demand a response from the director of RDU who order the beating of students. We call on the Minister of Interior, Mitko Chavkov, and the director of the Rapid Deployment Unit to not beat students for violating the Law on Public Hygiene. You can give their answer to the court because you will be held responsible for using force without any legal grounds. Your uniform means duty and an obligation to protect citizens and to enforce the Constitution and laws, not to beat kids”, said Ivana Tufegdzhikj from the “Student plenum.”

They reminded everyone that during yesterday’s voting in the election for President of the Student Parliament, they had reported irregularities such as theft of boxes and election materials.

Protesters threw several eggs at the building SPUKM, from where they marched to UKIM.

Students protesting tonight had support from their parents and associations like the “Colourful Revolution.”

The Rectory of the University “St. Cyril and Methodius” (UKIM) has called an emergency meeting for Monday, starting at 8:00 am.