Kocijancic: Obligations remain unfulfilled, EU will cut financial aid to Macedonia


“The deteriorating political context is one of the reasons why the government and the administration have unfortunately not been able, or willing, to deliver on reform commitments or to demonstrate the necessary preparedness to plan necessary reforms or implement EU funds in these areas”, said the EC spokesperson, Maja Kocijanic when our journalists at “Meta” asked “Why have the European Commission cut 27 million euros from the IPA funds?”

Kocijancic confirmed that the cuts to Macedonia’a financial aid will be more than 27 million euros.

“In recent years and increasingly over the last year, the Commission has repeatedly explained its concerns to the authorities about the lack of preparedness and lack of maturity of planning in key sectors, as well as the lack of political commitment to deliver on necessary sectoral reforms or more general reform commitments. As a result, the Commission has now had to reduce the EU financial assistance which was indicatively foreseen for 2016 as well as decide not to proceed with another project”, added Maja Kocijancic.

The spokesperson for the European Commission also believe that the country should focus on measures that will ensure the sustainability of large investments for the infrastructure.

“There are many shortcomings in the transport sector that prevent proper sector planning and coordination. The country needs to focus on soft measures that will ensure the sustainability of large infrastructure investments”, said Kocijancic.

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