Students from informal student organization “Student plenum” left after waiting two hours in front of the Ministry of Education, where, behind closed doors, Minister of Education and Science Abdilakim Ademi and Deputy Minister Spiro Ristovski had an official meeting with the deans of pedagogical faculties.

The meeting was moved at the last minute, so, instead of the announced public debate on the occasion of the proposed bill that was originally scheduled at the Faculty of Pedagogy, only a an official meeting at the Ministry of Education was held.

Revolted because the location was changed at the last minute and because they weren’t even invited nor informed of the debate, students asked Minister Ademi when he would hear their opinion as the most affected party.

– We ask the minister if he heard the voice of 10,000 students. We ask the minister if he plans to meet with us, the students. When does he plan to respond to our requests, our arguments and our letters submitted to the institutions? Their actions here are completely illegitimate and force us to act non-institutionally. If the state exam is really a measure for which the Government claims that will improve the quality of education, which arguments they used to convince us? They didn’t provide an analysis of the problems in education and didn’t explain how this measure will help the quality of education to be increased – said Darko Malinovski from “Student plenum”.