Two Chinese companies are serous interested in building a large slaughterhouse and a cement plant in Macedonia, and there is also an interest in the implementation of energy projects, announced Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski after today’s bilateral meeting with his Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang in Belgrade, as a part of the summit of heads of governments of PR China and the countries from Central and Eastern Europe.

– At the meeting, we reaffirmed the projects that we initiated last year, one of which is the construction of a large farm and slaughterhouse for which a major Chinese company came three times in Macedonia until now and considered all options. They are making analyzes and their current impression is positive, but it remains to be seen whether a completion would be made. Last year, and now as well, they have shown great interest for the construction of a cement plant. Prime Minister requested talks about it to speed up – said Prime Minister Gruevski after the bilateral meeting, stressing that he thanked for the support of China on the construction of highways Kichevo – Ohrid and Skopje – Shtip.

He said that the meeting also focused on projects in the field of energy and tourism, as well as on the industry and industrial zones.

– We also discussed about construction of fast railroad. From our side, Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreski and Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski agreed to start talks immediately with their ministers, especially regarding finances, details, i.e. what the manner of funding would be and how will the construction be carried out. Initially, we are very interested, but we want to see the details, the manner and conditions for the funding – said Gruevski.

They also discussed to sign an agreement on air transport, for which, as the Prime Minister said, Chinese companies have already shown interest.

– With the Chinese, as well as with other financial institutions, we also discussed the ful completion and closure of the financial package for the construction of a primary pipeline in the Republic of Macedonia and I hope that we would soon complete that with their Exim Bank or EBRD or some other financial institution – Gruevski said, expressing hope that some of the projects will be successfully implemented.